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Studios at the Startmotor?

Startmotor Rotterdam is a fantastic coliving residential building with specially-designed living spaces for like-minded people to live, work and play together. These fully-furnished coliving spaces bring our residents together and are the heart of our community environment.

Rent conveniently

With a traditional rental agreement, in addition to the basic rent, you have to deal with monthly service costs for the building, personal consumption of energy, water and heating, and your TV and internet connection. You have to arrange all that yourself. You also have to invest in carpeting, curtains and furniture. Which you then have to take with you when you move.

Renting in the Startmotor is easy! You will be living in a new studio, where everything of the above is arranged and you know exactly what the rent will cost per month. And what makes living in the Startmotor really all-in are all the community areas.

A breakdown of the rental fees

The rental prices for the Startmotor start at €675 per month. You will find the rental price for each accommodation in the property finder overview. In addition, there are the property management fee. The property management fee is now set at €130 per month. These are for the community manager, security, maintenance of the elevator and cleaning of the common areas. You can read more about what include the service costs in the FAQ.

You also pay €65 for the utilities. These are facilities such as TV, internet, heating, cooking, light and water (these costs depend on personal use). For as little as €10 per month, we’ve taken care of the floor, curtains, lighting and have painted the walls for you. We even have a maintenance subscription of €8.95 per month just in case. Prefer to move into a furnished studio? Then there’s a €70 per month furnishing cost for our A2 type accommodations. Find more about furnished studios here


The Startmotor is more than just living. You live here together with many other young professionals. Discover new faces, inspiring shared spaces and life-enriching experiences in our coliving community. You’ll find a fully equipped common area suited for your every need on each floor. From an early morning workout or gym session to after-work drinks while watching the sunset from the rooftop terrace, we’ve got it all.

Want to see the Startmotor in real life?

Then don’t wait any longer and come check it out!