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Are you unsure, or was something unclear? You’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions at The Startmotor here. Unable to find the answer to your question? Then let us know, and we’re more than happy to help.

Our FAQs about renting a property

You can register for one of our open houses here here. Come and see the Startmotor for yourself. We look forward to seeing you!

To qualify as a rental tenant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are between 18 and 27 years old;
  • You are employed or are self-employed;
  • You earn enough per month (see rental requirements);
  • You are alone (shared living is only possible in our two-room apartments);
  • You are willing to contribute to the Startmotor community by, for example, taking part in a residents’ committee or contributing in some other way.

Would you like to know whether you are eligible to become a tenant at Startmotor? Do the tenant qualification check now!

To qualify as a rental tenant, you must be employed and earn a fixed monthly income of three times the basic rent per month.

If you are a maximum of 10% below this income requirement, you can still qualify for a home through a so-called guarantor. Moreover, you must be able to prove your employment status and income earnings (i.e. employer’s statement, bank statements or income statement from the tax office when self-employed).

Are you older than 23 years old? Then you are in luck. Many of our studio apartments are eligible for housing allowance as they are under the maximum rental price threshold. Would like to know more about the housing allowance and if you can benefit? Click here for more information.

If you are a maximum of 10% below the income requirement, you can still qualify for a home through a so-called guarantor.

The guarantor must meet the necessary income requirements after deducting fixed costs such as rent or mortgage. Additionally, the guarantor must live in the Netherlands and fill in and sign a guarantee agreement. When registering, you must list the guarantor as a co-tenant. In the explanation, you must write that the co-tenant is your guarantor. The guarantor will be asked to supply all of the necessary documents in addition to signing a guarantee agreement.

No. Check the income requirements to see if your income is sufficient.

This is possible, if you have a Phase B employment contract and meet the income requirements.

The deposit for the unfurnished studio apartments is €1,000. For the furnished properties, the deposit is €1.500. The above applies to all tenants. You’ll be asked to pay the deposit before moving in. If, for whatever reason, we need to customise a rental file, this may be different.

After you’ve submitted your dossier with preferred housing options, we’ll get back to you with your assigned property. Upon receiving your assigned property, you have two days to accept or refuse it. If you accept it, we will proceed with checking the requested documents that you’ve uploaded. If you meet the income requirements and the added documents acceptable and satisfactory, we will send you your contract digitally. Signing the rental agreement is very easy. You can do so digitally via a link you’ll get in the email. After signing the rental agreement, we will schedule an appointment to hand over your new keys.

Congratulations on your new home, and welcome to the Startmotor community! We’ll schedule a check-in moment for you to collect your keys and passes. We will explain all of the property need-to-knows during the check-in and do a final check of the property.

Once you have signed your contract, we will ask you to pay the deposit and the first month’s rent. We’ll also ask you to set up a Direct Debit for the remainder of your monthly payments. After setting it up, we’ll automatically deduct your rent – around the 25th of each month.

Signing the rental agreement means that you’re signing for a minimal period of a year. The maximum term of the lease is five years (jongerencontract). However, extending your rental agreement by an additional two years following the five years is possible. Technically, you may live in the Startmotor for seven years in total. The rental agreement is for a minimum lease period of one year. After the initial one year lease period, you can terminate your rental agreement at any given time, considering you provide a notice period of one month.

You may move in on the same day that you get your keys.

Our FAQs about amenities and facilities

The rental prices for the Startmotor start at €675 per month. You will find the rental price for each accommodation in the property finder overview. In addition, there are the property management fee. The property management fee is now set at €130 per month. 

The service costs include the following components: heating costs, caretaker, electricity for general facilities, security by Avenue Services, community app, glass fund, fund for small repairs, postal service for receiving and sending mail items, cleaning and waste removal, cleaning of common areas, window cleaning, sewer unblocking fund , service contracts for technical installations 24/7, pest control and safety, administration costs, green areas and site maintenance. The advance for this is € 130. The actual service costs are settled annually with the advance in accordance with the legal provisions.

You also pay €65 for the utilities. These are facilities such as TV, internet, heating, cooking, light and water (these costs depend on personal use). For as little as €10 per month, we’ve taken care of the floor, curtains, lighting and have painted the walls for you. We even have a maintenance subscription of €8.95 per month just in case. Prefer to move into a furnished studio? Then there’s a €70 per month furnishing cost for our A2 type accommodations. Find more about furnished studios here

The community areas are the heart of our community environment. You’ll find a fully equipped coliving space or room suited for your every need on each floor throughout the building — each with its own theme and purpose. Starting on the group floor, you’ll find the Ignite area, our ultimate meet, work and play space equipped with both a pool and ping pong table, a piano and a seating area. Adjacent to it, you’ll find the gym facility. Head past the lifts to the right and towards the back of the building, and you’ll find the entrance to the bike shed, storage area and the shared DIY room.

We have plenty of coliving rooms (on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th & 12th floor) for you to either work from home or use as your study space. And if you want to wind down after a busy day, you can play a game of darts or table football on the 2nd floor, head up to the ‘Read & Relax’ room on the 4th, play a board game or a game of pool up on the 8th or simply relax in one of the ‘Contemplate’ room’s a swinging chairs’ up on the 11th floor.

Are you a fitness fanatic or just love to do sports? Then you’re spoiled for choice. Our event roof on the 1st floor is suitable for boot camps, freerunning or even a quiet yoga class in the open air. You’ll also find a functional training station gym rack for bodyweight and callisthenics. On the 6th floor, we have a cardio-focused ‘Workout’ room. And when you head up to the 10th floor, you’ll find our multi-purpose rooftop sports court, which offers you a 360 view of the South Rotterdam skyline.

Other highlights include our rooftop garden, maintained by our garden club. On the 9th floor, you’ll find the cinema where residents can plug in their laptop and watch the latest films, series or even stream sporting events. And finally, up on the 13th, you’ll find the fully-equipped restaurant-worthy kitchen, the lounge area and our rooftop terrace – both of which offer you an eye-catching view of the surrounding skyline.

The residents of the Startmotor can use all community areas.

At the Startmotor, we have two gyms. One is cardio-focused, while the other is primarily for weight-training, boxing and a functional fitness rack. You’ll find a cross-trainer, an exercise bike, a recumbent bicycle, a step machine, and a cardio wave machine in the’ workout’ room. Our event roof on the 1st floor is suitable for boot camps, freerunning or even a quiet yoga class in the open air. You’ll also find a functional training station gym rack for bodyweight and callisthenics.

A limited number of parking spaces are available in the underground parking garage. If you need a parking space, please indicate this when you register. If there are more registrations than available parking spaces, they will be assigned by lot.

There is a collective bicycle shed on the ground floor. Each property is allocated one spot. Couples living together can ask for an extra spot.

There are currently no more storages available.

In total there are 136 storage rooms in the underground parking garage. The storage costs € 35 per month.

At the Sartmotor, we have shared mobility options provided by Hely. Meaning that, for a fee, you can rent an electric car, but also electric bicycles.

Yes! Teleplaza, our internet and television provider, ensures that we have a stable and fast connection. Each property has an internet router and TV box with an instructions manual so that you’re ready to go from day one. The wired download speed is up to 900 Mbps, and the wireless internet speed is up to 450Mbps. The upload speed is also very fast! Your internet and TV costs are included in the service costs.

There is a radiator in the living room and a towel radiator in the bathroom. The heating distributed by district heating – a system for distributing heat generated in a centralised location through a system of insulated pipes.

Each studio apartment has a mechanical ventilation system. Fresh air enters through an inlet in the outer wall (which may never be closed) or through a window ventilation grill. All of the bathrooms have a vent fan, and each kitchen has an extractor hood. The system turns itself on automatically based on humidity level and CO2 detection. You can also turn the ventilation on manually through the control panel mounted on the wall.

The Startmotor uses an ILOQ digital locking system (key and locks with chips). During the handover, you’ll get two sets of keys that the property management team have programmed to give you access to the community spaces and your own home. We’ll two give you two access cards to unlock the main entrance door, hallway doors, rooftop lounge, bike shed and more.

Smoking is only permitted in the designated outside areas. We have an established smokers area on the rooftop terrace. Smoking is not allowed in the Startmotor or the properties.

No, residents are not allowed to have pets.

At the Startmotor, there is one Community Manager and two caretakers. The Community Manager makes sure that you can live in a pleasant and safe environment. She is your go-to-person for all community-related questions. The Community Manager is there to make sure that the residents settle in and interact with each other. While also helping residents with organising events and other resident initiated projects. You’ll meet our Community Manager during the key handover.

Our community and security team monitor the Startmotor through security cameras. These are there to protect the well-being of the community. There are security cameras around the whole building, at the entrances, hallways, at the lifts on each floor, rooftop terrace, bigger community rooms (e.g. Create, Lounge, Ignite), indoor car park and bikeshed. On each floor next to the lifts, a TV screen displays security camera footage of the other floors in real-time – so you can see how busy the lifts and if the community rooms are in use.

In addition to the cameras, there is a security guard posted at the concierge area every night (Monday to Wednesday from 8 pm to 1 am, and Thursday to Sunday from 8 pm to 3 am).

We also have a friendly neighbourhood watch to help protect the well-being of the community. Together, we can ensure a safe living environment!

The MyPUP lockers are on the ground floor, to the left of the main entrance. Residents can easily have all of their packages delivered to their Startmotor – whether they are home or not. After shopping online, residents can send their parcel to the MyPup delivery address. A designated MyPup courier will deliver it to the MyPup locker at the Startmotor, and you’ll receive a notification when delivered. Residents can also send or return packages via MyPup, so they need no longer go to a post office. If you do not want to use MyPUP, you can also have your parcels delivered to your home address.

You can get rid of your household rubbish on the ‘Batterijstraat’ next to the building. You’ll find containers for residual waste, glass and paper.

Our FAQs about the studio apartments

The studios’ kitchens are fitted with a two-burner induction cooktop, extractor hood, combi oven, a fridge freezer and a sink.

The kitchens in the two-room apartments are fitted with a four-burner induction cooktop, extractor hood, combi oven, a fridge freezer and a sink. Additionally, there is a water and waste outlet for a potential dishwasher. A dishwasher is not included in the kitchen; you’ll have to buy one and instal it yourself.

All of our residences have plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen. We’ve fitted a closet to the end of the kitchen for your clothes or other belongings (i.e. ironing board, hoover etc.). And above each front door, we’ve fitted a shelf for extra storage space.

All of the bathrooms are fully-equipped with a walk-in shower, toilet and a washbasin. You’ll even find a carefully thought of space, with water and waste outlet, for your washing machine or washer dryer combination.

All of the properties at the Startmotor are upholstered. Upholstery costs include the laminate flooring (PVC floor), the curtains and assembly, the coat rack, two light ceiling shades, a whiteboard and the painted walls.

All of the properties have a balcony with a steel balustrade with glass panels. All of them are big enough for chairs and a small table.

Our Type A2 are furnished studios. The €70 per month furnishing costs include the double bed (140cm), mattress, wardrobe, desk, lamps, seating and coffee table. Bed linen and kitchenware are not included.

No, you may not drill into the walls because you might drill into one of the electric cables or pipes. One of the walls in the house is equipped with a so-called suspension system which you can hang wall decorations from.

Unfortunately not. Shared living is only possible in one of our two-room apartments. At the moment, all of our two-room apartments are rented out.

No, unfortunately the concept was not meant for parents with children.